Focus S

Bed base height 9 cm with the possibility of mechanical adjustment of the headboard and footboard

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Focus on durability

Focus S is a quality universal-purpose bed base, compatible with all mattresses from our Nordic, Family and Royal lines. The frame is made of a veneer panel, while the elastic slats are made of laminated wood with a foil. The slat holders are made of quality rubber that has excellent elastic and mechanical properties, offering you quality support and durability.

Optimal firmness adjustment

The middle part contains five double elastic slats with ten elasticity regulators that enable you to adjust the firmness in a simple way.

Protection of the mattress from damage

The slats are spread out more toward the ends of the bed base, so that the mattress is not damaged when you sit on the edge of the bed.

Bed base and mattress

This bed base is compatible with all mattresses from our Nordic, Family and Royal lines. It is compatible with mattresses that have a foam core, enabling airflow and circulation.

Podnica visine 9 cm


Fixed bed base

The frame of the bed base cannot be raised, so the bed base has only one position.


Slatted bases with a higher density of slats provide better support to both the mattress and the body.


Independent product reviews

 4.0 (2 review)

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