Legenda Duo Matic

Bed base with electric motor height 8,5 cm

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Automatic comfort

Legenda Duo Matic is a quality bed base that is adjusted automatically. It is best paired with foam core mattresses. The frame is made of a veneer panel, with elastic slats of laminated wood. The slats are fixed in pairs to provide better support.

Bed base and mattress

This bed base is best paired with the Bode and Joy mattresses, which have a foam core.

Automatic adjustment

This bed base assumes your desired position automatically with the aid of an electric motor. The back and foot of the bed base can be adjusted independently.

Even when the power goes out

The bed base has a battery that allows it to be adjusted even when the power is out.

Bed base with electric motor height 8,5 cm



Slatted bases with a higher density of slats provide better support to both the mattress and the body.

Adjustable bed base

The head and foot of the base can be set up in several positions